Lust – Part 3

Autumn snapped her bag and bunked on her bed. She sobbed thinking of her unexpected meet up with Anand. Her memory remains fresh on her first meet with him…

It was 27/02/2015 half past 6 in the evening,

Rain spatters down her collar as she shift from one blistered foot to the other. She was holding her denim jacket over her head as a makeshift umbrella, but it’s not exactly waterproof. She just want to find a taxi, get home, kick off these stupid boots, and run a nice hot bath. But there was no taxi cab and she decided to call upon a grab car. After 15 minutes waiting near the taxi stand, there came a black metallic Honda Civic swerving towards her stand. It was her call for the Grab Car by a gentleman named Anand. She quickly hopped into the car holding aloof from the down pouring rain.

“It has been raining quite heavily since afternoon, you must have been drenched, do you want tissue?”

Astounded with the mans deep voice,she turned her head slowly and timidly towards the man beside her in the car.
Her eyes couldn’t stop but to admire his perfect features god had bestowed him, he smirked and her heart sank immediately unable to resurface her consciousness.

“Ermmm ahhhmm yee aa yes please. Normally i would bring them, but today i was rushing myself to the office and forgot to pack some in my bag.”

“Not an issue at all, you may have them, its free anyway…” he chuckled.

Autumn felt for him on her first look.He had broad shoulder, with magnetic brown eyes with luxurious hair. She was restless as her destination was about to arrive. Trying to impress the charming quiet man beside her, she started up a conversation with him.

“So Mr Anand, how long have you been driving? Is this your profession or just an added income?”

“I’ve been driving for almost a year and this is not my profession. I am a law student and am on my plan to continue to expand my fathers law firm once i’m graduated.” He replied shortly.

The whole journey was then back to silence. Autumn tried to peeped around to find if she can gather any clue about this young man. Literally doing so for 10 minutes, she realized Anand was observing her actions.

“Is there anything wrong? You seemed to be rather anxious?”

“Yeah yeah, why would i not be anxious, you are so silent and i’m heedless!” Autumn mumbled.

“I beg you pardon, you said something?”

“Ahh sorry!, i thought that i missed my house key, fortunately I’ve got them with me. Thank you, Oh finally, that’s my house, you may drop me here. Here’s your fee. Thanks for the ride.”

“Thank you Ms Autumn, see you in near future!”

Dropping Autumn right in front of her house, Anand drove out of the housing area speedily leaving no traces. She stood there up creek without paddle hankering his sight for a moment. Then Alas, realizing that she was about to get fully drenched in the rain, Autumn quickly ran back to her house heading herself to her cozy room. While on shower her thought lingers about the moments passed by. She felt embarrassed by her own weird behavior. Knowing for being cold among mans trying to impress her, Autumn was surprised why this handsome man did not even bothered to look at her nor bother her even for once. “Maybe he already has a girl friend?” her heart sank a moment, “or maybe he might call her later or perhaps he is trying not to impress her or perhaps he is naturally a snob.” While her mind was in bits and pieces, her I Phone rang twice and then stopped in turn of a message beep. Paused a moment, she decided to continue to douse herself in her bathtub singing her favorite songs.

“Autumn! Autumn! Are you planning to have dinner with us or are you heading of tonight to meet your friends? Theju called me earlier informing that she will be visiting you later!”

Stumbled by her mothers voice, Autumn was awake from her cozy submerse. “Alright mommy, i am on Diet, no food at night, i will come over later to grab some the plums. You carry on your dinner with dad!”

“Theju, oh crap she will be coming, should i inform her or not about Anand? Naah… he was just a coincidence and there is nothing to talk about him.”

Although she felt there is close connection with Anand and the feel about him was very strong, she propitiate herself that he was just another acquaintance.


~ by Autumn Sha on May 26, 2016.

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